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We request the BRAK not to install the beA ready-to-receive

We are asking the FBA to refrain from installing the beA without the lawyers' first registration and without an identification procedure.

On January first 2016 the Federal Bar Association will install the beA for all lawyers regardless of  the first registration. We have our doubts about the practice of the FBA. According to us there is no passive obligation to exercise vigilance under liability law aspects as far as the beA is concerned. Concerning this you can find our detailed statement that you can download here.

We handed our statement over to the president of the FBA. The president told us that in his opinion according to article 31 BRAO every beA should be installed and ready-to- receive on January 01, 2016. With this opportunity we decided ( two of our colleagues) to make a formal application to the FBA.

We asked the FBA to refrain from installing the beA ready-t-receive without a specific registration procedure for all lawyers. In the alternative we requested to register two of our colleagues in the technical beA directory. To download our request -as a WORD document- click here.

We do not mind anyone forwarding or using our request. We would appreciate if you could refer to the authorship.

After a reasonable period o time fixed by us we will make an urgent application to the court (application for injunction). To download the whole text of the application for injunction click here.